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Allow me to introduce you to a city like no other…!


My paternal grandfather was a blacksmith and his shop was on Cumberland St, within walking distance of his home.  Even though (unfortunately) his records are lost in time, he no doubt crafted many of our historic gates and iron work throughout the city of Charleston. Both sets of my great grandparents migrated here from Ireland toward the end of the Great Famine in 1850.

For three generations my family owned 18 Wentworth St. in historic Ansonborough which became home for many Catholic Irish who arrived here in the mid-19th and 20th centuries.I still remember going there as a child at Christmas to see real candles being lit on the huge tree in the front parlor.

Ansonborough is now a very upscale neighborhood with beautifully restored homes and churches displaying many types of exquisite architecture along with the second oldest synagogue in America, the oldest in continuous use.

After two (local) successful professional business careers, I decided to follow my heart and share my knowledge, love, and passion of our most charming city with you.  You’ll hear amusing stories as I share over 350 years of our history complete with my ‘Charlestonese’ accent. I’ll look forward to Introducing Charleston, aka ‘The Holy City’ to you soon…!

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