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Driving With Tom

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Walk with me or drive with me and we will have a blast!

I love strolling the historic streets with my new friends and taking our time to explore hidden gems in the neighborhood. I especially enjoy answering questions and tell Charleston stories (and some secrets!) at my friends’ pace. Each tour is different and we bond like new family.

But I don’t like walking either in the rain or the hot, humid afternoons that are a Charleston specialty feature. We forget to mention weather in the tourist brochures. When the humidity is over 90 degrees, walking is well, kinda not so cool (so to speak). We’ll periodically stop to walk some of the areas in the Historic District with the SUV nearby.

So at Introducing Charleston, we are combining the BEST of all worlds. Join me in my lovely Toyota Highlander as we slowly cruise the historic district, the waterfronts, even the plantations.  We keep it at the exact right temperature all the time! Added bonus, you will not get rained on either! When I escort my special guests by car, we  have the chance to go off the beaten path and share little known tales and treasures from the rich Lowcountry past. As a 4th generation Charlestonian, I sure can shake those skeletons in many a closet!

So take your pick: a leisurely walking tour or a few hours driving with Mr. Tom. Either will greatly enhance your visit here!

Remembering St. Andrew’s Hall

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Whether you have deep roots in Charleston or are a recent visitor, you simply can’t help but caught up in the sense that history is right around the corner

One of the most significant events in American history took place right here on Broad Street in 1860 that is remembered vividly to this day.

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